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Now in its ninth year, The London Classic Car Show is the must-attend event for all discerning classic car buyers, collectors and enthusiasts. After the success of our show at Syon Park, we are delighted to announce that we will be returning to Olympia London, the historic home of motor cars, from 24th – 26th February 2023.

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About The Classic Car Show Family

The Classic Car Show team is responsible for creating some of the UK’s most exciting and iconic Classic Car events. We’re in the business of creating live events that celebrate classic cars, telling their stories, showcasing legends and allowing our visitors to not only admire these beautiful machines, and the people behind them, but to also experience them at their best, on road or on the track. Our portfolio now includes The London Classic Car Show, plus a new addition to the family to be announced shortly.


A buzzing live auction of much-loved automotive icons from yesteryear will add yet another exciting new dimension to next year’s show.

Providing visitors inspired by all of the eye-catching special displays with a wonderful opportunity to join the thriving classic car movement, the show will see a collection of 100 fine and varied classic and collector’s cars coming under the Historics hammer on Saturday 25th February.

As The London Classic Car Show’s newly-appointed Official Auction Partner, Historics Auctioneers will oversee an intriguingly eclectic sale, carefully curated to appeal to the breadth of those attending and adding an electric atmosphere to the event.

With capacity limited to 100 entries, Historics Auctioneers is now inviting early consignment to The London Classic Car Show Sale. To submit a car for the auction please contact Historics Auctioneers on 01753 639170, or email [email protected]

Visitors can also pre-register to bid, see


Fighting Torque

Main Stage

Where it all comes together for discussion, debate, education and entertainment.

Led by our presenters and ably supported by an ever-increasing cast of informed and entertaining guests the main stage will play host to panel-discussion centred on the classic car world. We will engage in genuine debate with contributors taking sides and sharing their thoughts on a variety of classic car ownership topics plus the classic car market, EV conversions and modifications.

Alex Brundle

A race car driver and broadcaster, Alex Brundle loves everything related to the automotive industry. From perusing classic cars in the UK’s motor valley, to the lofty heights of Formula One’s own F1TV coverage, he’s as comfortable behind the microphone as he is behind the wheel. Following in the footsteps of his father Martin Brundle, Alex has built a championship winning sportscar racing career - and plenty of anecdotal experience that he loves to share.

Check him out on our main stage this February at the London Classic Car Show!

Alexandra Legouix

Having hosted the World Touring Car Championship for Discovery and Eurosport, Alexandra has always brought an extra element to the world coverage with her insights and behind-the-scenes content. A regular presenter for Autotrader, Alexandra’s recent work also includes hosting the Car of the Year Awards in Geneva, live shows for the Aston Martin F1 team and a segment on ITV’s ‘On the Road’ alongside Tiff Needell.

Check her out on our main stage this February at the London Classic Car Show!

Market Makers

The London Classic Car Show takes a look at the ‘movers and shakers’ of the classic car world - the vehicles that set the financial tone at the upper end of the classics market. These classic beauties have seen incredible value change in 2022, what is driving the market, will it continue in 2023 and is this the only appreciating sector of the market? A feature display combined with a panel discussion of some of the models helping to shape the market in 2023.


We are delighted to announce one of our Main Features of the show, Generations, a tribute to legendary car models celebrating their anniversary in 2023.

Generations: 60 years of the Porsche 911

2023 marks 60 years since the launch of the legendary Porsche 911, one of the most significant vehicles in the Porsche marque's history. The London Classic Car Show presents one of each of the eight generations as well as multiple iterations. A chance to explore the evolution of an icon, from the very first 911 Type 901 to the latest 911 Type 992

911 Type 901

911 G-Series

911 Type 964

911 Type 993

911 Type 996

911 Type 997

911 Type 991

911 Type 992 & all generations

Generations: 70 years of Corvette

Our second Generations feature will celebrate the 70th anniversary of Corvette, which, for eight generations, has blurred the lines between American muscle and European sports-car characteristics, while remaining an unforgettable cultural icon. The London Classic Car Show is delighted to present each generation of this great marque.

Corvette C1

Corvette C2

Corvette C3

Corvette C4

Corvette C5

Corvette C6

Corvette C7

Corvette C8

Generations: 60 years of the Mini

We will be celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Mini Cooper S in chart-topping style when all three surviving Minis originally owned by the Beatles are reunited for the very first time in 55 years in London.

This once in a generation display at Kensington, Olympia over the 24-26 February weekend, features the famed Minis of George Harrison, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr; the last time all three icons were seen together in London was during rehearsals for the White Album way back in 1968.

Built in 1966 for each member of the band, these bespoke, coachbuilt Mini Coopers were styled to meet the band's individual needs – as illustrated by Ringo Starr’s Mini which features a hatchback (extremely rare for the time) to accommodate his drum kit.

Barn Finds & Survivors

For most car enthusiasts, Barn Finds hold an irresistible appeal. What treasures lurk beneath the thick layers of dust and grime? Will it be worth the effort or perhaps a fortune? There’s something captivating about forgotten classics unearthed after decades.

We will be looking for the beauty behind these “field-fresh” finds in need of restoration.

And if you've recently discovered something very special that you'd like to share with our visitors, why not drop us a line with a picture and maybe we'll include your precious treasure at this year's show?

Email us your discovery at [email protected]

Endangered Species

Each year the ubiquitous cars of our childhood become rarer. Vehicles once manufactured in the hundreds of thousands now number in just hundreds. The London Classic Car Show will showcase a few surprisingly rare species. For example the Austin Metro, once found on every street and favoured by royalty now numbers fewer than 200 total units.

Young Turks

Every year the classic car industry makes bold predictions regarding likely future-classic cars and future values and provides advice on what makes and models might to start to appreciate. The London Classic Car Show takes a look back 10 and 20 years to see how the predictions of 2003 and 2013 have panned out and will make a few predictions of its own.

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Show Timings for The London Classic Car Show 2023

Friday 24th February: 12pm – 7pm
Saturday 25th February: 10am – 7pm
Sunday 26th February: 10am – 5pm

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